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Storage tank
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Mainly in the wine industry as a storage tank, cache tank, finished cans and so on.
Technical Parameters:
Material: all made of high quality SUS304 or 316L stainless steel for production, cylinder thickness t = 2 ~ 4mm.
Volume: 0.5 ~ 500t.
Structural features: cylindrical structure, tank form with flat bottom tank, inclined bottom tank, removable flat bottom tank, with the end of the cone cone tank, structural design is very user-friendly, strong operation, the tank all The use of arc transition form of welding, no health dead ends, using the most advanced water welding method for welding, beautiful appearance, clean, no mixing or with stirring, stirring the form of mixing or stirring the top of the form.
Tank configuration:
Sealed mouth, spring pressure respirator, various forms of cleaners, material inlet and outlet, level gauge and thermometer (according to customer needs configuration), sewage outfall, sampling valve, elbow valve and take over, under the hole, the base Wait.

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