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Mainly for the wine industry fermentation.
Technical Parameters:
Material: all made of high quality SUS304 or 316L stainless steel for production, cylinder thickness t = 2 ~ 4mm.
Volume: 0.5 ~ 200t.
Structural features: Miller board jacket cooling cooling, according to different volume of the fermentation container design of different cooling area, through the tank on the temperature control probe, level control probe, refrigerant solenoid valve, computer system set to achieve fermentation Process temperature automatic control, fast and efficient completion of the tank medium cooling and control. The use of vertical structure, with a chain of anti-cone, at the same time with the current domestic most advanced automatic slag device, can save a lot of artificial, for the wine business to provide the best fermentation equipment.
Tank configuration: mainly by the respirator, refrigerant import and export, under the hole, level gauge, thermometer, yeast inlet, slag door, the bottom scraping slag motor, a wine mouth, sampling valve, circulating motor, Leaves, plate filter cover (screen), circulation pipe, honeycomb jacket (Miller board), rotating spray, the hole and other components.

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