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Side into the mixer
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Side into the mixer is based on foreign similar products to improve the design of the new mixer, with a compact structure, high efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, easy assembly and disassembly and so on. Special plugging device can not clear the tank in the case of liquid, you can remove the gear box for maintenance and repair. Equipped with a screw stirrer, in the case of the same power consumption, can get the highest mixing effect, can be used for homogeneous mixing or mixing of various liquids to prevent solid agitation and other mixing, in the large tank on the group used, you can get Better mixing effect and economic benefits.

ctly in accordance with relevant national standards. Pipeline design to short pipeline, turn less, less accessories to save materials, investment and energy. Pipeline design In addition to considering the normal production, but also consider the driving, parking, maintenance and accident handling needs, while protecting the safety of the operator. Pipeline installation design should be based on specific production characteristics, combined with equipment layout, building and structure of the situation to consider. Pipeline installation design should meet the premise of production, and strive to neat, beautiful to create a good production environment. Pipeline design should consider the conditions and requirements for assembly of automatic control instruments.


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