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Tube row
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Pipe row, also known as the commutator board, is a piping system for centralized conversion of the medium flow with the valve control panel, with centralized control, saving labor, easy to operate and so on.

Material: SUS304 or 316

Appearance: linear arrangement type, circular arrangement type and so on

Conversion link: live type, quick access, clamp type and so on

Design and installation of the general principles: Our company stainless steel piping system design and installation is to ensure safety, normal production and convenient operation, maintenance on the basis of strictly in accordance with relevant national standards. The design and installation of the pipe row is generally made according to the actual needs of the customer or according to the customer's production process. The number of the specific types of valves is customized according to the actual demand.

n effectively control the circulation pump and other circulation device blockage, extend the service life of equipment.


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