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Dairy fermentor
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For the yogurt and lactic acid bacteria drink mother liquor fermentation, brewing, seasoning, pharmaceutical, chemical and fungal cultivation, the role of heating, insulation and cooling, for the whole closed health-type fermentation equipment.
Tank Features:
The tank is made of SUS304 or 316L stainless steel.
The tank is equipped with an automatic sprinkler to ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements.
Dairy fermentation process is a sterile, anaerobic process, the fermentation tank using sterile system to avoid and prevent the pollution of microorganisms in the air, greatly extending the shelf life of the product and ensure the quality of the pure, the tank is specially installed without Bacteria breathe.
Volume: 300-15000L.
Additional equipment: mixing device, sterile respirator, inlet and outlet, sterile sampling valve, manhole, hot and cold water import and export, thermometer, CIP cleaning spray.

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