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Airbag valve
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Working temperature: -20 ℃ - + 150 ℃
Working pressure: 2-6bar
Body material: aluminum
Flange Material: Aluminum + Stainless Steel / Steel Bushing
Rubber inner liner: food grade natural rubber
Features: Airbag valve is the main channel is smooth, wear, corrosion and anti-fatigue, no pressure loss, no clogging, no leakage, water hammer impact, with good chemical and physical properties. The lining is easy to replace and the maintenance cost is low. Airbag valves are suitable for a wide range of pneumatic conveying systems. Applications include the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and the winemaking industry. Balloon valves are also widely used in metering systems and weighing systems, powder coating equipment, vacuum delivery systems, suction and compressed air control systems.

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